Study Tips #2

Studying is so important in college. There are so many differen study tips out there, and here are some of my favorites below.

 Study Tips #2 | Click through to figure how to use study assessments, resources, study spaces, and study groups to be a better studier and learner.

Find Out What Kind Of Learner You Are

This seems stupid, and I know that you are reading this, shaking your head, and wondering why I would suggest that you take a test to figure out your learning style. I say this because it can help you supplement the learning you are not getting from class. With the exception of Science, and more advanced courses, your lectures are going to be pretty straight forward. A lot of watching your teacher stand in front of sometimes boring looking power points, and listening to them talk for days.  If you know your learning style, you can ask your professor for ways to study the material at home with a more tailored approach for you. Most people aren’t audio learners (fortunately I am) and can’t learn everything from just listening. Take initiative in your education, find out your learning style, and find ways to implement it in your study habits.

Utilize Resources

As mentioned in an earlier blog, there are a ton of resources on campus for you to use. Go to the library, get tutoring for a class you don’t understand, even taking full advantage of your professors is a good thing. You pay for these resources make sure to utilize them the best you can. This also counts for Professor resourcesas well. If your professor is kind enough to give you a study guide, don’t be stupid…utilize that until you can’t anymore. If they offer to lead a study session for their classes, go. This is super important, because this year I took a History course where the teacher offered study sessions, and I noticed that I did a lot better on test when I went to these study sessions over when I didn’t. If you can go, go, because it gives you the opportunity to seal in knowledge that might have escaped you, and it also gives you a chance to know what material the teacher thinks is super important.

Don’t Study Where You Sleep

It is super important to have designated areas for everything in your dorm room. Associate certain places with certain things. Always study at a desk, with preferably an uncomfortable chair (kidding…but not really. At least don’t study in a love seat) This helps because the more comfortable you are the easier it is to get off track, fall asleep, or get distracted. Use your bed for sleeping, and lazying around on rainy days—not for studying for that super important Biology test you have on Tuesday.

Study Groups

Me and study groups have a love/hate relationship. They can do well, but it really depends on the people in your study group. When looking for study group partners, don’t come in expecting to ride the coattails of a great student. Study groups only work if everyone puts in an equal amount of effort, and everyone is willing to help in some way. Don’t expect other people to let you get good grades off of their success. Don’t be rude, get involved, and actually help the study group out.

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