Study Tips #3

Here is the last installment to my Study Tips series. Hope you have found these helpful and that you were able to use try some new study tips in the process.

 Study Tips #3 | Click through to learn about how to get people to care about your academic success, what you need to have when you go to study, how to devote time to studying, and how to have a reward system set up for studying.

People Only Care About Your Success If You Care About Yours.

This resonates with the last study tip about study groups. No one really cares about your success, if you act like you don’t. This really resonates when it comes to professors, don’t expect them to help you out if you don’t reach out. Unlike in high school (and sometimes this didn’t even happen in high school) professors aren’t going to hold your hand. They aren’t going to call your parents when you miss class, and they won’t set up a conference immediately when your grade starts to slip. It is true that they don’t initially care about your success, but it is not true that they don’t care at all. Professors want to see you succeed, but they simply don’t have the time to reach out to every student they encounter and make sure they are learning the way they should. It is your duty to make them care about your success. You can do this by emailing your professors and visiting them during their office hours. Make them aware of your name, and make them know that you are willing to do your best and want to pass the class with flying colors. They will begin to take interest in your success if you show a little interest in your success first.

Have Material Ready To Study When You Study.

There is nothing more off putting than having to stop and start while you are studying because you need to find all your study materials. Before you study, have a mental plan. What do you hope to accomplish during this study session? Mentally go through all the materials that you need to make that goal a reality, and then gather all those materials, sort them orderly on your desk. So you don’t lose sight of what you need to do with those materials, make a to-do list and check things off as you go along.

Devote Time To Studying.

You need to have time in your day to study. Don’t let it become a low priority task. Set aside time in your day to study for a little bit. Ramp up the time that you devote to studying when you have exams coming up. In order to build good study habits, it is important that you devote at least a little time daily to studying. Whether its 20 minutes a day or an hour, be sure to fit it in there somehow.

Have A Reward System Set Up, But Don’t Over-Reward Yourself For A Couple Of Hours Worth Of Studying.

Studying should be a normal task, you don’t reward yourself for brushing your teeth, so you shouldn’t over reward yourself for doing something as mundane as studying. Keep going out at a minimum, not only will this help you save time (so you can study, or get ready for the next school day) it also helps save money. Every few weeks it is great to reward yourself for a job well done, but don’t go overboard. I admit, I was really bad at this my Freshman year, but don’t make my mistake! Over rewarding studying at the library for a few hours isn’t good, the only reason you were probably at the library for so long was because you didn’t study to begin with.

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