The Side Effects of Greek Life: The Negatives

As I said last week since I gave some positives to Greek Life, I had to give some negatives as well. This post is just giving you something to think about, if after these post you are on the fence or you fell to the not Greek side…message me! This post was not meant to make you dislike Greek life, with any sorority or fraternity you chose you may have to deal with some ugly issues. There are sisterhoods and brotherhoods out there that are truly genuine, that won’t hurt you, and where you’ll make real friends. If you trust yourself, you will land with the right chapter, and if you don’t you can quit without fear because you don’t want to be with the wrong sisters or brothers!I am going to be talking about some real issues facing Greek life and Greeks such as cost, hazing, time management, and Greek stereotypes. Again, if you have any questions after you read this message me! This is meant to give you a fuller picture not turn you away. I just want you to play with a full deck of cards.

 The Side Effects Of Greek Life: The Negatives | Greek life is complicated and it is not for everyone. Learn about some of the potential negatives of greek life such as the cost of being a member, the stereotypes some people have about sorority and Greek life members, and other potential negatives.


The stereotypical phrase every person who wants to go Greek hears, “Why would you want to pay for your friends?” You’re not paying for friends; you are however paying for chapter suites or houses, food (if you live in a house), shirts, activities, among other things. You aren’t paying for your friends, but you are paying to have activities with your sisters such as formals, tailgates, and sisterhoods. Another thing associated with cost, is that some Greek chapters do fine you. I am in a Panhellenic sorority that doesn’t fine, so what you see is what you get unless you order extra t-shirts…but some chapters chose to fine for things like lack of participation so if you are concerned about the extra cost that would be something important to ask the chapter you want to join.


I’m not going to sit here and act like hazing never happens, whether you are in a local Greek chapter or one affiliated with the major Greek councils it’s possible that you have either been hazed or know someone who has. My organizations fights against hazing, and I know for a fact that my chapter does not haze, but everyone’s heard about hazing they just don’t like to talk about it. If you feel like you are being hazed leave—if you really want to stay for the rest of your new member classes sake, I am not sure if I’d advise it…but don’t perpetuate the cycle. Don’t think that just because it happened to you, you have to keep the cycle of hate spreading. Just one person can change multiple people’s lives. It is up to you to be a better example than those who came before you!

Time Management

On a lighter note being in a sorority brings a lot of things to do—so it brings a busier schedule. Sometimes it can be hard to balance all the things you need to do such as your education, sorority/fraternity, and even a job if you have one. It teaches you to think on your toes a bit, and if you don’t think you are ready for that it’s okay…give yourself another semester or so…Greek chapters take upperclassmen too.

Greek Stereotypes

When you rock your brand new letters people are more than likely going to stereotype you. They may give you a general Greek stereotype, or stereotype you by the women and men they know who are in your chapter. Either way you will probably have to deal with other people judging and typecasting you. If you don’t want to fit in that stereotypical, tight, TSM/TFM mold…then don’t perpetuate stereotypes. Be your own individual, do well in your classes, treat people with respect, and love everyone. Just be your best self, and don’t listen to the type casters. Be the change you want to see in the world. All in all I hope this was an important two part series for you. Like I said before I started, if this scared you because you don’t want to be hazed or typecast…message me. I didn’t mean this to turn you away from Greek life. I meant this as a tool so that you would know exactly what you will get yourself into if you Go Greek. I wanted you to know the positive and the negative side of Greek Life. Also know that every person, chapter, and school is different. Maybe the kids that go to your school or extremely non-judgmental, maybe the chapter you want to join doesn’t haze, et cetera. There are a lot of possibilities with any choice you make in life. I really hope you still consider Greek Life as a possibility though!

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