The Side Effects of Greek Life: The Positives

I try to bring the best and most unbiased college advice to you at all times. That is why I am starting this two week mini-series called The Side Effects of Greek Life. I wanted to be as objective as possible, so that way you could see both sides of the story. I picked four major positives and four major negatives that I think are included in Greek Life. Not all the negatives are completely negative, but may be considered that to some people. I will try to see the brighter side of the negatives though, sorry I can’t help it…I am a proud member of a Panhellenic Sorority!

 The Side Effects of Greek Life: The Positives | Do you want to see the full picture about why going Greek is positive? Check out this post for positives like having a better grade point average, having a support system, and so much more.

While I chose some good negatives, I want to start this week with some positives. Check back next Wednesday for the negative side effects of Greek life. The positive effects that I will discuss in today’s blog post include a better grade point average, more connections on campus, being involved in Greek life looks good on a resume, and you have a support system!

Better Grade Point Average

At most schools, you will find that Greeks have a better GPA than most students at college. This is not because the people are smarter, but because of the GPA it takes to stay in a Greek chapter as well as a mixture of library hours and having access to more people in a certain major.

To even go Greek you have to have a certain grade point average, it’s kind of like a starting point, and also because being in a Greek chapter is such a time commitment, you have to have school down somewhat before you can hope to add a sorority/fraternity on top of that. Then, in order to stay in your chapter you have to maintain that grade point average…and hopefully exceed it.

Library hours are a major part in being in a sorority and a fraternity. School always comes first, even above the most mandatory events like chapter meeting, if you happen to have to have a class during chapter you will usually be able to be excused.

Also with being involved in greek life chances are there is someone with the major of the class you are in. So if you are struggling with a science class, chances are there is someone who majors in that field or someone who knows someone who majors in that field of study. In my chapter this year we put our name, email address, and major in our library hours book so that people could contact us if they had some trouble in a class that deals with the major we are in.

More Connections On Campus

When you join Greek Life you meet a ton of people! During chapter meetings, hanging out with other greeks at all greek events, and other stuff you meet so many people. It really connects you to different parts of your campus from jobs to just having someone to eat lunch with. You will meet friends and acquaintances by joining a sorority or fraternity and meeting other sororities and fraternities.

Building Your Resume

A word that is important to everyone. You leave college employers are looking at all the things you did while you were in college. Recruitment Director, President, or even Sisterhood Chair all look great on a resume, because it shows that you planned events, managed quite a few people, and it shows how personable you are. Being a leader in any organization looks great on your resume, if you join a sorority it’s a major thing to add to your list!

Support System

With your letters in front of you, your Greek chapter is behind you! You may never know every person on a personal level in your sorority, but know they love you because your a sister or a brother. Some people are a little bad at showing love (check out my negatives post next week!) but all in all there are multiple people in the chapter that love your guts! Even if you don’t talk on a normal basis, there is someone who loves you, has your back, and will eat a bucket of ice cream with you if you’re a girl or talk smack about your ex with you if you’re a guy (or maybe the other way around, or even both for girls, lol) You have a never ending support system, and even those that don’t normally support you will send you well wishes when you are going through tough times.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry this took so long to get out, this has been a long Wednesday. Join my next Wednesday when I discuss in detail the potentially negative sides of Greek Life!

The Side Effects of Greek Life: The Negatives

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