How To Find Interesting Opportunities

Opportunities lay all around us, but sometimes it’s hard to find where to start to find those precious opportunities we love so much. Here are my tips for finding the opportunities that will help you later in life.

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Keep In Contact With Your Contacts.

If you met someone at a networking event, get their email; if someone wrote a recommendation letter for you at one point, keep up with their phone number; if your parents have a resource for you, make sure to keep in contact with that person. These people can be a wealth of information when you are looking for jobs, internships, and the like. So make sure you are keeping up with the people you meet, and maybe contacting them every once and a while to give thanks, alert them of what you’re doing in life, how you know them, and to make sure contact information is still up to date.

Use The Internet.

The internet has a wealth of different websites and offerings. To find interesting opportunities I use my LinkedIn profile quite frequently. I also just search Google for opportunities that might interest me. I may search “Online Journalism Opportunities” or something of the like. I mostly just go around and see what sites look most reputable, and if I find a site and I’m not sure I usally pull up Google again and search something like, “(site name) fraud” so that I can see what other users say. If it feels to good to be true, it might be. Be wary of things that can call you for an interview almost immediately. I think it should take at least a few days to get back on an application even if a place has a lot of employees because there should be a lot that goes into picking employees before anyone gets and interview.

If You’re In College Take Advantage Of That.

Go to departments you are interested in working for and ask the people in those departments if they know about any cool opportunities. Look at the bulletin boards outside of those departments and around buildings to see if any interesting opportunities are posted up around campus. Be aware of any career fairs your University may bring, and also search for cool conferences or seminars your campus may bring to the students because you may find some valuable information and contacts that way.

Follow Things You Are Interested In.

Whether it’s reading a news article, joining a club dedicated to your interest, or talking to your dog about it. Follow the things that interest you, because you never know who is watching, listening, or seeing you. Talk about what you like a lot, and you might talk to the right person and end up with a new professional contact.

Make The Opportunities.

If you can’t find anything, make it. Start a blog, an Etsy shop, and the like. Take it into your own hands, do your own advertising, and be the creator of your own opportunity. While opportunities may be all around you, maybe you want to take two opportunities and make them one. Say you wanted to write about college life, and you were a music major so you wanted to write about music and college. Instead of getting two different jobs on a music blog and a college life blog, maybe you want to makea blog about a music major in College. I don’t know what opportunities you want to make—but with a little elbow grease you can create just about anything you want to.

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