6 Free Watercolor Prints For August 2017

August is almost over and it's time for my monthly installment of free digital prints. After last month I decided to make this a monthly feature for y'all. I love creating so many beautiful prints, and I hope that you enjoy these prints!

This month I am providing 6 free quote prints as well as 6 free solely background prints. These designs are adorable and I know they will fit well in your office, dorm room, etc.

 6 Free Watercolor Prints For August 2017 | Want to add a bit of sparkle to your dorm room or office? Click through for my monthly set of free prints.

Quote Prints

As you can tell, this month I was really digging greens and blues. I don't design with green often enough so I wanted to try my hand at designing with some colors like olive that don't always turn out as beautiful as some reds and blues do. I love this set of digital quotes though! I think my favorite is the "Happy Looks Great On You" print. I love the blending of the different colors in that print.


Background prints

This month I am again giving y'all access to the background quote prints. These are great additions to your gallery wall, can be great framed so you can write to do lists and reminders on the frame, or any other way that you want to share them.

I am so excited about this monthly series as it has become such a creative outlet for me as a designer. Taking the time to create and upload these is a lot of work, but I am always so excited to see the end result.

What is your favorite print?

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