Download: Comfy Sweaters & Hot Cocoa Vibes Digital Print

It's Halloween! I couldn't come to you with a Halloween print, because that would be obselete by the end of the day, instead I went for the fall route and created a print based on two of my favorite fall/winter things: comfy sweaters and hot chocolate. I am so excited about these prints and I hope you are too.

 Download: Comfy Sweaters & Hot Cocoa Vibes Digital Print | Click through to get your hands on four free to download digital prints featuring the phrase Comfy Sweaters & Hot Cocoa Vibes that is sure to get you in the fall/winter mood!

I am so excited to share today's freebies with you. It's perfect for the fall-to-winter transition that most of us will be seeing in the coming weeks. I am so ready for hot cocoa to become a household staple (with lots of marshmallows (of course) and I am also very excited for cute fall/winter sweaters.

In case you were wondering about the design aspect of these, I used pretty much the same technique that I did  in last week's print.

To download the print click the image.

Outline Version

I am always looking out for my babes with no color printers. I definitely understand that!

Last week upon inspection I also realized that these were kinda like coloring sheets, so even if you have a color printer you could totally print these out and make your own designs based on my sayings each week.

Steal My Color:

This one didn't have any color in particular on it, so no need to steal it. It's just a Plain Jane black and white image.

Blue Version

While I was really thinking about fall when I wrote this saying, in the back of my mind I was also thinking of winter. So, the first color that came to my mind was a blue color that I think is perfect for winter.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the blue I used: C: 35, M: 14, Y: 11, K: 34

Red version

I am obsessed with this color. It's the perfect mix of fall and winter because of the red color that I used. It reminds me of both fun fall apples and Christmas all at the same time.

Although I used the same brush on all of these, I went a little heavy-handed on the red. The red didn't show up nearly as nicely when I was lighter with my brush but I love how it turned out.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the red I used: C: 0, M: 97, Y: 87, K: 60

Brown version

Last, but not least, there was no way that I could create a print about hot cocoa without creating a brown image. I mean, that would be the worst thing I could do.

So, I made this really adorable brown watercolor print with the same saying.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the brown I used: C: 0, M: 55, Y: 69, K: 65

Which version(s) did you download?

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