Download: Witch Better Have My Money Digital Print

I am back with another Tuesday freebie! This is not my usual post day, but as I am doing this blog full-time now, so I decided, why shouldn't Tuesday be a day that I share a post? For the foreseeable future Tuesday's will be a downloadable freebie day (unless I have a sponsored post that has to go live on a Tuesday, in which case the freebie day will be moved to a different day that week.)

I am so excited about this digital print. It was inspired by Rihanna, the fact that it's almost Halloween, and the fact that this was the first quote I shared on my new letter board (check out that post on my Instagram!)

 Download: Witch Better Have My Money Digital Print | Click through to get your hands on four FREE to download digital prints featuring the phrase Witch Better Have My Money that's perfect for all your witchy needs and fun Halloween activities.

I am so excited to share today's freebies with you. It's perfect for fall and it will look so cute in a frame in your office, bedroom, or living room.

In case you were wondering about the design aspect of these, I used the following:

  • I designed my prints on Photoshop.
  • I created an 8x10 file.
  • I used a DPI of 300.
  • The font I used was called Tokyo (available from Creative Market here.) This font set is $15, but it's such a fun font!
    • I merged the outline version with the regular version myself so that I could have two different colors and I could make them meet tighter than the merged version in this font pack. Mine is more of an outline, theirs is more of a 3D effect.
  • I used these set of Photoshop brushes from Creative Market. This set is only $5 and it includes over 100+ brushes! I use it all the time.

To download the print click the image.

Outline Version

For all my witchy babes who don't have access to color printers, I feel you, and I made this adorable black and white version of the print so that you can also enjoy it.

I love the minimalist look of this print, almost as much as I love the colorful versions I am about to share with you!

Steal My Color:

This one didn't have any color in particular on it, so no need to steal it. It's just a Plain Jane black and white image.

Orange Version

Orange is such a fall and Halloween color which made this the perfect pick for the first colorful version I shared with you.

I went for quite a dark orange with this one, but since I used a water color brush, some spots are darker than others. I love that look though.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the orange I used: C: 5, M: 77, Y: 100, K: 15

Green version

Green is not necessarily a fall color, but I really loved the way that this dark green looked behind this quote.

For this, I tried to keep the darkness pretty even, although there are still some lighter parts which gives the print dimension.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the green I used: C: 94, M: 28, Y: 74, K: 73

Purple version

I really loved this smokey purple color. When I came across it on my Photoshop color wheel, I knew I needed to use it for this print.

It's not a particularly fall-ish color, but it just reminds me of Halloween and weird scary movies for some reason.

Steal my color

Here are the CMYK color codes for the purple I used: C: 75, M: 80, Y: 50, K: 0

Which version(s) did you download?

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